Friday, September 30, 2011

Try out East Riding Council’s new website

New website - "great improvement"

THE NEW WEBSITE for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council is available to preview at

Using a new format of ASK, DO and FIND the new website certainly seems easier to navigate than the existing one (which is still up and running as normal during the preview period).

HU12 looked for information on a specific Council Committee, for Hedon Library, our local councillors and we searched for a map of the South West Holderness Ward. We found the first three pieces of information in four clicks - the Ward Map, however, could not be found within the limits of the preview site.

ASK is your starting point. You should be able to find what you are looking for through clicking on one of the frequently asked questions. If not, then you can do a more detailed search through Browse our site menu which lets you search through 7 popular headings. You can opt to go straight to FIND  - which uses an A - Z search facility first, but unless you are very clear on which heading letter to use then you could be searching for some time. You can also use a Sitemap search which lists useful services under the 7 headings. The DO part of the site is the action orientated part of the website - here you can Pay, Apply, Book or Report.

The MyEastriding feature is particularly useful and accessed through entering your post-code. After clicking on your address from the list which conveniently pops up, you are then presented with a page listing more local options. You can search for your local facilities (including Hedon Library and local councillors contact details), and you can report any local issues directly online without visiting the DO part of the website. There is also a useful search facility in conjunction with NHS Choices which allows you to search for local GPs and dentists.

In short, the Council's new website - in this Previewer's opinion - is a great improvement on the old one! Please note: The Council is keen to let previewers know that test site is not complete. Some pages, information and documents may be missing and some buttons may not work at the moment.


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